Fall Concert in the Park (9.26.15)






Why is it the day you have an event scheduled is when everything and everyone comes to town?

We had a tennis clinic and hubby’s work picnic overlapping then heard about Drake, Wale, and Miguel performing in Washington DC for the first Landmark Music Festival. Ugh! So many options!! I know a good problem to have but I really wanted to do all three events.

Ultimately we chose the Landmark festival. Yes, we became THOSE people at the concert with three kids under three, out there waaay pass the kids bedtime. The tickets were free and they advertised a kids only zone so I figured my little ones would be able to have some fun too. I was expecting something that would give moms and dads a break such as bounce houses but was quickly dissapointed. They provided arts and crafts, music petting zoo, photo props and legos for the kids to play for a few hours.

While I was thankful for the activities provided I wished I had visited the other two activities prior to visiting the music festival.

I guedd you can’t have it all huh?


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