The beginning of the end as we know it!  Our daughter has been scooting around on her arms for weeks (it’s hilarious) and our son was slowly inching towards things. Four days ago it all changed. We have NOT ONE, BUT TWO crawlers!!!!

We left Maryland with an inch worm and a very content boy whose means of transportation was occasionally rolling around. We returned with not just crawlers – they are pulling themselves up on any and everything, including each other. My son is on the losing end most of the times.  He’s  taking steps when you hold his hand whereas before, you used your hand to move his legs for him.

My daughter crawls with one knee up and one down.

Our son is a full blown crawler. He crawls on all four.

A dear friend of mine bought the twins walkers. I still have my money on my boy walking first just like I told y’all he would crawl first.

Stay tuned to see if I’m right 😉


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