The beginning of the end as we know it!  Our daughter has been scooting around on her arms for weeks (it’s hilarious) and our son was slowly inching towards things. Four days ago it all changed. We have NOT ONE, BUT TWO crawlers!!!!

We left Maryland with an inch worm and a very content boy whose means of transportation was occasionally rolling around. We returned with not just crawlers – they are pulling themselves up on any and everything, including each other. My son is on the losing end most of the times.  He’s  taking steps when you hold his hand whereas before, you used your hand to move his legs for him.

My daughter crawls with one knee up and one down.

Our son is a full blown crawler. He crawls on all four.

A dear friend of mine bought the twins walkers. I still have my money on my boy walking first just like I told y’all he would crawl first.

Stay tuned to see if I’m right 😉


Easter Egg Roll

It wasn’t at the White House (Yes I was still a little bitter) but I knew there would be good food, a good time and my daughter would have fun with girlfriend (that’s what Ms. J calls our neighbor) and her family.

The sun was shinning oh so beautifully but it wasn’t what it seemed. It was quite windy with temperatures in the 50s. The kids couldn’t wear the matching outfits planned but we were able to pull something together.

Why is it the kids closets are full but the momebt you try to put an outfit together it seems they don’t have any clothes at all?! 👀

Anyway, we pulled up at Gilbert Run Park late as usual (it’s a struggle getting anywhere on time). While Gramma and I unloaded the kids and all their gears Hubby went to check out the food and it was all gone.:'( Thank goodness we never leave home without a few snacks.

We stayed in the car until it was time to line up for the hunt. Let the fun begin!! Jayla had a blast and she even found $7 in her eggs.  She and her Gramma had a good time hunting and the twins had fun on the swings.







It was a good day but I’m hungry.


Gilbert Run Photoshoot

Last year we did a photoshoot here when the twins were about two months old (profile photo was my fave). Since then life has been very hectic but quite fulfilling.  Scheduling is vital. We are capable of so much more than we realize until we are forced to deal with what we consider “impossible”.

Like anything in life there are good days and there are bad days luckily the bad days fail in comparison.  Ms. Jayla is the perfect little company keeper. She keeps me laughing through all the chaos. I love watching her interactions with her brother and sister.  I don’t who loves harder. The twins beam with excitement at just the sound of her voice, they don’t even have to see her. It is quite lovely to see.  They make me so happy 🙂

Enjoy the pics.






Have a good day!

Toodles Stacey



Easter is one of those holidays that I look forward to. While I’m not a fan of all the sweets, I enjoy making little treats for my baby girl.  My MIL found a pancake bunny photo in a magazine and I decided to recreate it. Check out the Easter breakfast post to find out how I did.

This Easter was extra special as we shared it with our twin bunnies and our two year old.  Sometimes I wonder how is it I’m a MOM of THREE! At seven months, these little bunnies are not official crawlers but they know how to get around. They babble all day saying mama, dada, baba and an occasional nana.

Sunday morning we grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to church. When we returned we had a nice little family photoshoot 🙂

Here are some of my faves

I hope you all had an EGGtastic Easter. Until next year….



Now That’s A LAYOVER

Before Anthony Bourdain started The Layover Show, we had a 23 hour layover of our own in London, England.  I sure wish we had some recommendations from him but what’s done is done.

When you think of London, you think of dreary-wet days; well, the day of our layover was definitely the exception. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better day if we tried.

We landed at Heathrow, hopped on a bus to the train station, checked into our hotel dropped off our bags and we were off to explore. It wouldn’t be the same without riding the double-decker bus.

It was National Remembrance Day. We had no idea what was going on when we saw the crowd. We missed The Queen and the changing of the Guards, which was a bit disappointing, but there was so much to see and so little time and we were determined to see it all.

There’s so much more to experience, but for now I live through these pictures and wait for our second trip.


Come On Spring!!!

Did I mention how much I hate winter? I’ve been awaiting spring’s arrival since winter began.  Spring is here, but for me it hasn’t sprung yet. Spring is supposed to be when I resume running and change out the twins’ cars seats and begin exploring, not dealing with a cold.

I really could just cry. You see, when you’re mommy you think not of yourself but that of your little ones because you know it’s just a matter of time before they are miserable just like you and the worst part is knowing you are the reason they’re sick.

Yesterday was supposed to be filled with Easter Egg hunts and zumba by the National Monument and hunting for cherry blossom blooms.   Instead, the day was spent on the floor watching kid movies and me hunched over walking my daughter and her pretend kitty. Yes, the upside is we spent time together, but not how I wanted.

It’s now Sunday, a brand new day.

It was around 5 a.m when I heard my son. He normally takes his bink (pacifier) and goes back to bed this early. Today he didn’t; he was congested and had a runny nose. I put him in our bed and gave him a bottle. As he drifted off to sleep his other half woke up, literally!  It wasn’t so easy for her, she drank two ounces and wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I turned on cartoons.

As I walked by big sister’s room. I heard her sneezing. It was just a few minutes after 8 a.m, an entire hour early and just like that, my trisanity began.

Me:- Good Morning, how do you feel?

J:- Morning mommy, sick.

All I heard was that one little word “sick” and it made me a little teary-eyed. She sounded horrible. I cleaned her up, brushed her teeth, gave her meds, then a glass of milk.

I decided to make breakfast when I remembered we were out of eggs. So, off to the store hubby goes while I tend to our babies.

I hope your Sunday started better than ours.

XO Stacey

A Day In My Life

Sometimes I may not call you back like I said I would. Just know I love you and you’re important.  My trisanity keeps me occupied and when they aren’t, I forget what I was supposed to do.  Case in point, one pile of laundry still on the couch; I’ve been folding for the past 3 hours while trying to eat and blog.

I’ve been training the twins for the past few weeks and I think they’ve adjusted to the new schedule. On a perfect day this is what my day entails:-

8:00 A.M:- Babies wake up, diaper change

8:30 A.M :- First feeding 6-8 ounces

9:00 A.M:- Big sister wakes up

9:30 A.M:- Jayla eats breakfast while twins play

10:00 A.M:- Twins 1st solid meal & juice while Jayla plays

11:00 A.M:- Twins bathe then plays while Jayla bathe

12:00 P.M:-  Twins 2nd solid and bottle 6 oz

12:30 P.M:- Jayla eats lunch

1:00:- Jayla naps

(On an ideal day the twins naps too)

2:00 P.M:- Twins 3rd meal and juice

3:30 P.M:- Jayla wakes up and has snack

(Days when she acts up, she sleeps until 4:30)

4:00 P.M:- Twins diaper change then 6 oz bottle

5:00 P.M:- Playtime for everyone

6:00 P.M:- Jayla eats dinner

7:00 P.M:- Begin turn down service 🙂

8:00 P.M:- Night-night show and milk for everyone

9:00 P.M:- My happy dance, all babies are in their beds

Watch a little HGTV then wake up and do it all over again 🙂

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”

Dining Out: Are We Sure?

Last weekend, hubby and I decided to spend the day out with the kids. It was the first day of daylight savings time. Try getting five people ready…we didn’t make it out the house until 2 p.m, but we went out anyway because too much effort would’ve been lost.

It was a perfect spring-like day after all the cold and snow.

After 4 hours at the mall, we decided on P.F. Changs for dinner. Should we just order and pick-up and eat it at home like usual? No, the food loses some of its flavor and we live quite a distance away.  So we decided to sit down and eat in.  We felt brave enough after an episode-free shopping trip. Would we be pushing our luck?

The restaurant was bustling. As we walked in, we received the look, lol: “Oh great, here they come with all these kids, it’s going to get loud in here”.  While we waited for our table, we strolled the mall to keep our two year old occupied.

Yes I took pics as she ran around 😀


I was nervous as we sat down, but it wasn’t necessary. Our three little ones were on their best behavior; not once did they cry or act out; maybe we should do this more often. Hmmmm






There’s so much to see and do in DC, there’s no way you can experience it all.  Any opportunity I get to visit DC I’m there, I welcome the idea to be a tourist (my hubby, not so much, but he tags along). He often says he knows I’m having a good time when I can’t put my camera down 🙂

Rather than visiting the same sites, I’ve compiled a list. Some of these places I’ve never heard of! But that’s what makes it fun, right?

Here’s my 2015 DC List:-

  • KENILWORTH PARK & AQUATIC GARDEN (Asian & Water Lily Festival)

Are you ready to explore? The list isn’t in any particular order, nor is it all encompassing, so add or detract and enjoy this adventure with me and share your experiences!

Bon Voyage, my fellow explorers!

Is It Spring Yet?

Let it Snow! No, Let it stop, please!! It seems like every other day it was snowing. Is it spring yet?

I am really, really, really hoping this was winter rearing its head for one last time.  So with that in mind, I took the twins outside in the snow for the first time.  My little guy was not a fan of the cold, just like his mommy.

Now, it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to try this by myself, but I wanted to capture this moment.  I literally took them out and right back in, plus, they had on lots of layers.

You’ll thank me later when you have the image of A Christmas Story etched in your mind. heehee